Visualize the impact of turbine placement

Generate stakeholder support with realistic turbine visualizations

The Imagineers Windplanner - doe het zelf visualisatie van windparkten - DIY visualization of wind parks

Showcase the visual impact of future wind parks 

Designing a wind project is one thing, but gaining support for one turbine, let alone multiple, is where things can get really tough. 

Windplanner was created to engage all stakeholders as early as possible in the process. To support dialogue, which can help identify and solve potential issues before any major investments have been made. Most importantly, using solid visuals can help you gain overall support. 


See, feel and experience your proposal

Windplanner gives the opportunity to see, feel and experience the change projects will have on the environment. When people talk about the same thing, bottlenecks can be avoided or resolved.

Projects accelerate when using the right medium. By using Windplanner as a solid visual tool it will serve as a great asset for proposals, negotiations, marketing presentations and pitches.

Want to know more? Check out the Windplanner website:

"I work with various stakeholders: initiators, governments and residents. Every stakeholder has specific needs, and Windplanner allows me to use the same tool for all these different aspects. It is not only a helpful design tool but also an excellent presentation tool."

Jimme Zoete Advisor Urban Planning and Energy (Witteveen+Bos)