We are the Imagineers

We have the ability to show ‘tomorrow’ today. From 2D or 3D visualizations to interactive journeys through a virtual world. Offering you the closest possible accuracy to reality.

More about us…

3D-design and participation

We build interactive mapping design platforms. Our visualizations of impending change enrich the dialogue between stakeholders. They ensure that everyone talks about the same thing, give perspective and bring factual truth to the conversation.

Inform your stakeholders with solid visuals that create the possibility for a two way conversation. Allowing you to ask questions to those involved and receive questions in return.


Our field of expertise

Through years of experience we know the process of change in spacial design, we can help you in the areas of:

  • citizen participation
  • sustainablility and renewable energy
  • restructuring

And this is how…

How do we suit you?

Projects accelerate when using the correct medium, internally and externally. We are a flexible team of experts we can deliver a solid reliable solution to you fast.

Interactive platforms bring experience and information together. Giving you an ideal platform for:

  • showcasing necessity
  • compare the current vs the future situation
  • communication for alternatives
  • citizen participation

____We can show you ‘tomorrow’ today


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