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So that everyone knows what it will look like later

What will stakeholders notice from the planned solar park? What are the considerations for the project? We visualize this in our interactive image platform, where everyone can look around and find information.

Added value to the planning process

We have turned imagining solar parks into a super efficient process. This saves time and money for the initiator. This makes this a very strong tool for acquisition conversations. And the same tool can be excellently reused for environmental communication. With our stakeholder engagement platform you can also get people to actively participate in the planning process; This way you can shape online citizen participation and enter into dialogue in different ways.

Sun and wind

We are also very well versed in imagining combination projects for solar and wind energy. We would be happy to tell you more about it.

Or take a look below at one of the projects we previously featured. Click on the photo and look around, or use the menu to easily switch between the Current Situation and the Future Situation.

In recent years!! we have visualized hundreds of projects.

Below is a small selection:

Solar park Vlagheideberg

RES Noord Veluwe

Solar Route A37

Show those involved what future solar parks will look like?

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