We visualize future solar parks so everyone knows what to expect

Solar energy, renewable energy, energy transition. This trend implies changes in the living environment, and this can give rise to questions among locals. Why was the decision for this area made in the first place? What will these energy parks look like?  

Convince stakeholders in less time

We visualize the impact of solar projects in our online interactive platform, where everyone involved in the project is able to virtually look around. View the park from different viewpoints (at street level or elevated level), and see what mitigating actions will be taken. Our process of visualization is super efficient, it reduces time and costs for the initiator and serves as a great asset during negotiations, marketing presentations and pitches.

Curious about visualizing a combination of Wind and Solar energy projects? Feel free to contact us, we would love to tell you more. 

Or take a look around in the project below. Click on the photo and look around, or use the menu to easily switch between the current and future situation.

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We have visualized over 2,000 projects, and we are eager to find the best visual solution for your project.