Our approach

Better understanding leads to better dialogue

Our Approach

We accelerate your projects by offering you the right visual tools that serve as a great asset during negotiations, marketing presentations and pitches.

  • during a (internal) presentation, compatible with big screens
  • as website material
  • social media material
  • video material on Youtube
  • during information events
  • as a high resolution print

See, feel and experience

Our tools serve as a medium to create a better understanding between stakeholders of building projects. They give the opportunity to see, feel and experience the change projects will have on the environment. When people talk about the same things bottlenecks can be avoided or resolved. Together stakeholders then can determine what should stay and what should go.



The Imagineers visualisaties VR - visualizations VR - draagvlak - support

Visuals give understanding

We dare to state that we can visualize anything. Most of the time high resolution 360 degree photos form a starting point. From that point on we add 3D visualizations to create an accurate and a recognizable final product.

Our visualizations can be made in many more different ways, which can be fitted to create the best outcome related to the project. We will consider what has to be visualized, for whom, what the different scenarios are, if there is any resistance, how the visualizations will be used and what extra information is necessary to support the project.

Together we will look into materials that are already available to determine what extra materials we have to create. This to ensure a fast delivery.

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