Wind farm Goyerbrug

About Goyerbrug

Goyerbrug is a wind farm in development that aims to provide the citizens with sustainable, fair and green energy. The initiator wants to achieve this by constructing four wind turbines along the Amsterdam-Rhine canal. Together, the four wind turbines can generate sustainable energy for ~65,000 people (67 GWh / year). This will cover the domestic electricity need for all households of the municipality of Houten. The visualizations for this project are made with Windplanner.


Public information event

During three information meetings, local residents and other stakeholders were invited to learn more about the park. Next to the initiators, the municipality of Houten and the province of Utrecht, various experts were present to explain the plan and answer questions. We were present there with Windplanner; this way the visitors could view the plan from all sides.

During information meetings, we show visitors exactly what the intended plan will look like. We show streetviews so they know what they will see when standing in their street. And we show aerial visualisations so that they can check out the impact of shadow. Or we measure the distance from their home to the nearest planned turbine.

We regularly support resident meetings, as a neutral expert party. We are not in favor, we are not against, we only show exactly what the visual impact of the plan is on the living environment. That is nice for the initiator because he or she ‘has the hands free’ to have a conversation with local residents. And nice for local residents, because they get a clear picture of what the plan will actually look like.


Take a look yourself

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