For Twenterand, we visualised 4 housing projects.

The Process

Housing projects are always exciting. What will the houses look like? What will be the atmosphere of the neighbourhood? What is the impact of the new houses on their surroundings? How quickly will the houses sell?

For several big new build projects in the municipality of Twenterand, we made realistic virtual presentations.

The project comprised the following new housing estate projects: Weemelanden at Vriezenveen, Kruidenwijk at Westerhaar, Vroomshoop-Oost and Zuidmaten-Oost at Den Ham.



The Result

Authorities and residents could already get a feel of the new neighbourhood, and interested parties discovered the houses in great detail.

With a special VR headset and a smartphone, the new neighbourhood came to life. It does not get more real than this.

No VR headset? No problem. The 3D visualization not only showed the new neighbourhoods but also the ‘before and after’. And stakeholders saw at a glance which parcels were already sold (red coloured), which parcels had an option (yellow) and which parcels were still free for sale (green).

As the visualizations were so very realistic, the type of discussions changed. Questions were more to-the-point and decisions were taken faster.




"All available plots readily visible. "

Janine Venebrugge employee Municipality