Beltway South Groningen

Creating support by illustrating alternative scenarios.

The Process

Substantial improvements were required to the ring road, south, of the city of Groningen over a stretch of 12 km. It will not be a surprise that this is a complex project and process with many implications for local people and commuters. Good communication is therefore of the essence to facilitate success. Information and dialogue are vital to the creation of support and to avoid misunderstanding and conflict. Because of this we were invited to contribute early in the process.

Our tools allowed us to illustrate the alternative scenarios as realistic as possible. This ensured that the dialogue was based on the same starting point and avoided disagreement about what the effect would be. The effect was visible. Throughout this process we kept in close contact with our client to ensure that we were aware of any change and we could translate it into the visualisation’s. In the end we completed visualisations of the final plans accessible to everyone.


The Result

The visualisations were embedded in the project website and link to a geographic information system database of other content. Any interested party can access this database with a few mouse clicks.
As a result the decision-making process went faster and everybody understood what it was about. This improved communication



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