Energy transition in consultation with residents

Energy transformation in the village of Ten Boer

We are regularly involved in renewable energy projects. For example the project in Ten Boer. Ten Boer aims to replace its usage of natural gas by renewable energy and is working towards this in an open planning process.

Ten Boer wanted to inform its residents and to get their opinion about wind and solar energy. And they needed quantitative data about in a short period of time.

For this purpose, we have created a Stakeholder Engagement Platform (in short: SEP). This platform shows images of the living environment, combined with an explanation of the project, and requests the opinion of residents.



Stakeholder engagement platform

The energy objective of Ten Boer is explained on the platform. The images are taken from Windplanner, our web application for planning and visualizing wind and solar parks. With the help of several maplayers (such as residential areas, noise restrictions etc), the potential locations were clarified. Based on this information, potential scenarios were shown in panoramic photos, so that residents could get a realistic understanding.

The visitors were asked to complete a questionnaire. They could give their opinion on wind- and solar energy, and they could suggest potential locations.

This map shows the residential areas in Ten Boer (red) and the noise restrictions (blue), and the preliminary suggested locations of turbines (yellow):

Ten Boer aardgasvrij The Imagineers stakeholder mangement platform


An example of the 3D visualizations of the potential future scenarios that were made in Windplanner:

Ten Boer Aardgasvrij - The Imagineers Stakeholder Engagement Platform


Successful consultation

About 400 surveys were completed within 5 weeks; a huge success by any standards!

The questionnaire was produced in conjunction with research consultancy Groningen.  Residents and other stakeholders could contribute to the plan with respect for the proposals for wind energy and solar energy, and they could suggest potential locations. The following ‘heat map’ for wind locations was created:


Ten Boer Aardgasvrij - The Imagineers Stakeholder Engagement Platform


This generated a valuable set of anonymised data. In the back-end, different filters can be placed to investigate how various questions have been answered:


Ten Boer


SEP evolves with the project

The results of the questionnaire and this “heat map” of suggested locations were, of course, shared on the platform and thus SEP grows along with the project.


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