Promoting future living

Buying a house can be an exciting but hard process, especially when you are buying a house that still has to be built. Often building plans remain static and cannot initially provide enough information. The potential buyer might not feel comfortable enough making that final decision. 

Questions may rise concerning what it might look like, what the view will be, which plot holds the most potential, if the houses are not too close to each other and so on.

To give more insight into the future situation for Houkepoort we created a 360 degree visualization of the future neighborhood consisting of 180 houses including apartments to be build on new artificial land in Sneek lake. Targeting people who love to live in Frisian nature with the promise of a vacation feeling everyday.

Curious? Check out the platform for yourself, on the website of Súdwest-Fryslân:

The result

With our visualization the stakeholders could already experience their optional future living environment and judge for them selves they felt a vacation feeling when walking through their new neighbourhood. This interactive tool is integrated in the website, you can navigate through the neighbourhood yourself, which shows real time data of all current available plots.


Experience Houkepoort yourself in our 360 navigator below:

Other land cases



For Twenterand, we visualized 4 housing projects.

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