About us

We are the Imagineers

We visualize future reality

Innovation brings a bulk of change and might not always be favorable among the affected parties, even if it is an absolute necessity. For those parties who it affects in their living and/or working environment, it raises a lot of questions. What will the area look like? Will we notice any changes? Why was the area chosen in the first place? We envision these kinds of questions From 2D or 3D visualizations to interactive journeys through a virtual world that are not distinguishable from reality.

Our visualizations of impending change, enrich the dialogue between interested parties. They ensure that everyone talks about the same thing, give perspective and thus bring factual truth to the conversation. Projects accelerate when having the right accurate mediums. This is why we help our customers and they continue to choose us.

Who are we?

Passionate visualizers and software engineers. That’s us. We are inspired by the opportunities for technology. Our mission: to accelerate projects with visualizations. Our interactive platform facilitates the communication between stakeholders.

From our 20-years of experience, we know: imagination strengthens persuasiveness.

See, feel and experience

Our tools serve as a medium to create a better understanding between stakeholders of building projects. They give the opportunity to see, feel and experience the change projects will have on the environment. When people talk about the same things bottlenecks can be avoided or resolved. Together stakeholders then can determine what should stay and what should go.

How this happened

Admiration. That is what started it. At the age of 12, Maarten saw a 3D image in a magazine which intrigued him, especially the associated mathematical formulas. It was a defining moment, and since then there was no way back.

Maarten locked himself into the world of 3D technology and applications. He lived it and he turned it into a business. In 1999 he founded Via Drupsteen. Because passion is contagious, Via Drupsteen grew. The opportunity of technology advancement flourished and became unlimited. Maarten and his team embraced all opportunities. Be the first to try something, the first to do something, the first to create something. So now, over 20 ‘visual fanatics’ are working on projects and the development of software. For them, technology means: ‘unlimited opportunity in visual representation’.

A new name embracing this concept was therefore chosen in 2016. The Imagineers, Imagination realised by technology.

Maarten: “We rather don’t explain it. Experience it and you will know exactly what we mean.”


What drives us